das HauchnebelkabinetT comes to light in August 2016 during a septennate in Berlin, germinating after a dormancy into the ground made fertile by Trama afonA (*2005 - †2015 ~ vestige: www.tramaafona.it http://web.archive.org/web/www.tramaafona.it). It flourishes nowadays in Pescia, Tuscany.

By each marvel of an encounter, it lets itself be studded by suggestive dewdroplets.

Lorenzo Scacchia (*Rome, 1977 - †?) is gardener, distiller and embassador of it:

Lorenzo Scacchia

Semantic gloss about das HauchnebelkabinetT and Postillæ di maraviglia

das HauchnebelkabinetT  [das haʊ̯χˈneːbl̩kabiˈnɛt]

das {German neuter definite article}
HauchnebelkabinetT is a German neologism composed by
Hauch {breath, puff, afflatus, touch, aura/veil/trace/scent/fragrance/air of something}: Delicacy, Allusion, Brush, Aposiopesis, Atmosphere, Grace
Nebel {mist, haze}: Mystery, Romanticism, Interpretation, Quietness, Nature, Psychology
Kabinett {cabinet, private room, sideboard, photographic cabinet card (Kabinettformat), registered designation of origin for wines}: Intimacy, Valuableness, Bizarreness, Marvel, Curiosity, Care, Elation, Miniature, Remembrance, Architecture, Contemplation

The H and the T represent an open curtain on the proscenium

Postillæ di maraviglia

Postillæ {Glosses}: Calligraphy, Prompt, Subjectivity, Marginality, Elucidation. They contain the stille {droplets} of mist. The ligature æ is a poetic licence (otherwise, correctly: postille) reminding of the Latin etymology post illa {after those (words)}
di {of}
maraviglia {Tuscan or literary variant of meraviglia, «marvel»}: the Mirabilia of an Aquarelle, a crackle Ceramic, a Victorian Glasshouse, the Belle Époque, the Illusionism, the Funambolism, a Dainty, an orchestral String section, a Peepshow, a Wunderkammer